Printing Presses of Capitalism – Belfast 

Serene Sense of Tranquility among Buy-and-Hold Investors, On March 4th, Warren Buffett told CNBC that investors should not to pay much attention to short-term moves. “Most investors are blinded by the markets’ gyrations and spend far too much time trying to form macro opinions or listen to market predictions, rather than investing simply and prudently for […]

Flyer Printing In Our City As I sit here in Belfast’s Cathedral Quarter waiting to put up signage at Le Coop, the citys premiere Free Range Rotisserie chicken restaurant. I look around at the thriving business area that really is helping shape Belfast into the City of the future and I’m glad to be apart of it. Filled in […]

Oh what a tangled web (site) you weave 

Websites can be fabulous joyous things that you want to linger over and peruse to your heart’s content. Websites can also be frustrating, annoying and lead you to harbour thoughts of throwing your laptop out of a high rise building. It’s very easy to design and build a website that has the potential to drive […]

Maximize Your Budget When Printing Flyers 

There is no doubt that flyers are effective marketing tools. In fact, they have been used several years ago and until now, they are still popular. Flyers are simple and are easy to produce. They can reach a wider group of audience and can sometimes be very personal. Therefore, many business owners choose flyers for […]

Print a perfect 3D mini-me for £60… at Asda 

Asda is opening scanning booths that can capture a 3D image of a person in just 12 seconds as the template to create an eight inch model made from layers of ceramic powder Mini me. Asda’s 3D printing turns people into realistic figurines The scanners are so sophisticated that they can capture every detail, down […]

The ultimate in mobile advertising – your van 

A plain white van with a little bit of detail on it like a business name or some contact details is ok. Why stop there, you could turn your van into a work of art that also doubles as mobile advertising. It doesn’t have to be a van it could be a car or a […]

24/7 marketing  

Advertising and marketing 24 hours a day for 7 days a week seems an impossible dream like 3 day weeks with 5 days pay. But wait, there is one way you can reach people 24/7 for the 365 days of the year, email. Look in your own mailbox, those emails offering you slimming pills don’t […]

Thrifty aristocrats give money-saving tips for householders 

You could be forgiven then for assuming that the baroness lives the sort of lifestyle that involves being waited on by an array of butlers and footmen and is never far away from a silver salver piled with Beluga caviar. Nothing could be further from the truth, according to her ladyship. Far from leading a […]

Belfast Telegraph Printing Closure Protest  

Poster Printing for Fairhill Shopping Centre, Ballymena 

The Fairhill Shopping Centre Ballymena Summer Kids Club kicks off today at 1:30pm with a World Cup Workshop. We spotted this poster design on their twitter feed and wanted to share it with you guys as a great example of how poster printing works both in print and online through social media. It is a […]