Carry on regardless – printer belfast 

You enter the house, smell gas, what do you do? Turn on a light? Locate where the gas is coming from with a match? Either of those would/could turn into kaboom, gas leak located, you relocated elsewhere maybe never to return. If you did either of those things then you would be ignoring all the […]

Better Business Cards Belfast 

  Informative, portable, memory joggers, advertising and sometimes even collectable, business cards are one of the best business marketing tools you have at your disposal. These tiny pieces of card can make a world of difference to your business. Small but packing a punch a business card is something you need even in the digital […]

Roll Up Banners Belfast 

Roller banner printing in 24hrs with FREE DELIVERY. Cheap prices on roll up banners, pull up banner, banner stands, pop-up banners and exhibition stands.

Edge Curling On A roller Banner Stand 

Keeping away from Edge Curling On A roller Banner Stand With many of these portable displays are incredibly popular thanks to the fact that they are lightweight, easy to build and very lightweight.  Banner stands are in most cases supplied by large format print companies like or exhibit and display related businesses who purchase […]


PANTONE Color of the Year 2014 Radiant Orchid 18-3224 intrigues the eye and sparks the imagination. It’s that time of year again, you know, the time when Pantone, the authority on all things colour, selects a colour of the year.  This year’s colour is Radiant Orchid! Personally I love it and can see it integrating […]

Flyer Printing for Small Businesses 

Flyer Printing are one of the most visible ways to promote your party because they get a lot of attention. This is especially true when they’re printed on high-quality, glossy card stock paper. A boring flyer won’t grab much attention, so a high-quality, full-color party flyer printer is essential. has been printing Flyer Printing since […]

Instant printing meets the smartphone with Fujifilm’s instax SHARE SP-1 

Flyer Pritning has given us a revival of the instant pint camera with its instax devices, and our smartphones are allowing us to create faded, aged, filtered, square-cropped photos at the touch of a screen. But our smartphones can’t spew out a shake-to-develop print and not everyone wants an instant camera in addition to their […]

Printing Company Fire 

A blaze at a Sheffield printing firm was prevented from spreading because of a specialist carbon dioxide suppression system.   The fire, which involved a printing press, broke out at the Polestar printing works on Shepcote Lane just before 3.30am on Saturday. Firefighters said the fire suppression system activated before they arrived.  

Understanding Flyer Printing 

What are flyers? Flyers are also known as hand bills. These are single page flyers used for advertisement and marketing. The flyers market products, businesses, services or occasion. Cheap ones are used by businesses for periodical announcements. They’re given to people on the streets or pasted on bulletin boards in social places and malls or […]


If you’re not on our mailer, firstly shame on you! Secondly you won’t have seen our closing dates for the christmas period and equally important, our January offers. So in the effort of ensuring everyone who visits the Kaizen website this Christmas break, knows when we’re back in operation, I will outline the bits and […]